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>No Input yes effects session
feedback zwischen mixer und laptop mit interface


glitched image converted to noise
Tearing pieces apart and putting things back together remixed
in form of glitching the parameters of a picture of a hydraulik system and send this picture
through through nicolas fournelīs audiopaint software
by using instead a sine wave a audio sample file from a hydraulic related sound
same with pneumatik.

(How does it work ?

A picture is actually processed as a big frequency / time grid.
Each line of the picture is an oscillator, and the taller the picture is,
the higher the frequency resolution is. While the vertical position of
a pixel determines its frequency, its horizontal position corresponds to its time offset.

By default, the color of a pixel is used to determine its pan,
the red and green components controlling the amplitude of the left and right
channels respectively (the brighter the color, the louder the sound),
and the blue component is not used. The action of each component can be modified
in the Routing section of the Audio Settings window. Starting with version 2.0,
AudioPaint can also convert the color components into HSB values, and use hue,
saturation and brightness instead of red, green and blue. )

hydraulik - free download

pneumatik - free download

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